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Bizarre Art

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We all have weak spots — even artists. Scorsese isn’t a sculptor and all of his attempts probably look like summer camp ashtrays, we’re reasonably sure da Vinci

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People who know absolutely nothing about art can usually spot a Normal Rockwell painting from a mile away (it helps that they hang in the waiting rooms of dentists

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Check out 10 valuable objects destroyed by sheer clumsiness, stupidity, stubbornness or completely unforeseen circumstances. (art, priceless, lost art)

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Drool-worthy gear. When you’re a steampunk the first thing you have to make is a raygun. :}>

This Website is Best Viewed Using Firefox. Unusual Architecture. Asia. Beijing National Stadium, Beijing, China. The UFO House, Sanjhih, China. Grand Lisboa, Macao, China

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Bizarre Million Dollar Erotic Art Heist Unravels . Florida police discuss their efforts to solve a case involving a New York millionaire, a spurned mistress, and a

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Interactive animations by Patrick Smith. ©2016 Vectorpark, Inc

Bdsm art, comics, bondage art, cartoon bdsm are here!

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Florida-based artist Princess Tarinan von Anhalt creates abstract works of art by hurling cans and bottles of paint into the air and letting the strong winds produced

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